Welcome to Apex International, we specialize in creating and delivering high quality enzymes for diverse industries. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge enzyme solutions that drive industrial innovation and sustainability. We are committed to delivering exceptional products and services that meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide.

Our Products

Explore our extensive range of enzyme products tailored for different industries:

Food Enzymes:

• Invertase Powder: 10000 SU/GM to 2,00,000 SU/GM

• Pectinase Liquid: 10000 AJDU/GM to 1,00,000 AJDU/GM

• Bromelain powder: 200 GDU/GM to 5000 GDU/GM

• And more…

Major Use: Food enzymes are widely used in the food industry to improve texture, flavor, and shelf life of products.

Baking Enzymes:

• Alpha Amylase Fungal: 10000 SKBU to 1,00,000 SKBU

• Papain Enzyme: 100 TU/MG to 1000 TU/MG

• Xylanase Enzyme: 10000 IU/GM to 1,00,0000 IU/GM

• Glucose oxidase Up to 10000 GFOU / GM

• And more…

Major Use: Baking enzymes are prevalent in the baking industry to enhance dough handling properties, optimize fermentation processes, improve crust color and texture, extend shelf life, and maintain product consistency.

Dairy Enzymes:

• Lactase Enzyme: 10000 ALU/GM to 100000 ALU/GM

• Protease Enzyme: 10000 IU/GM to 100000 IU/GM

• Transglutaminase 100 IU/GM to 2000 IU/GM

Major Use: These enzymes help coagulate milk proteins, leading to the formation of curds, which are then processed into various cheese types. Additionally, dairy enzymes are used to modify flavor, texture, and consistency in dairy products like yogurt and cream.

Animal Feed Enzymes:

• Amylase 100,000 IU/GM to 500,000 IU/GM

• Lipase Enzyme: 10000 IU/GM to 200000 IU/GM

• Phytase Enzyme: 5000 IU/GM to 200000 IU/GM

• Pectinase Enzyme 100 IU/GM to 200 IU/GM

• And more…

Major Use: These enzymes are added to animal feed to enhance the digestibility of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fibers, leading to improved feed efficiency and overall animal performance. They help animals extract more energy and nutrients from their feed.

Sugar Processing Enzymes:

• Dextranase Enzyme: 2000 IU/GM to 30000 IU/GM

Major Use: Dextranase is used in processes such as sugar refining, brewing, and wine making to reduce viscosity, enhance clarity, and improve the overall quality of products.

Textile & Detergent Enzymes:

• Alpha Amylase Enzyme (High Temperature) upto 200000 IU/gm activity

• Alpha Amylase Enzyme (Low Temperature) upto 200000 IU/gm activity

• Alpha Amylase Enzyme (Bacterial) upto 200000 IU/gm activity

• Acid Cellulase Enzyme upto 200000 IU/gm activity

• Neutral Cellulase Enzyme upto 200000 IU/gm activity

• Alkaline Cellulase Enzyme upto 200000 IU/gm activity

Major Use: Cellulase enzymes are primarily utilized for the degradation of cellulose, the main component of plant cell walls, into simpler sugars such as glucose.