AJWAIN (Carom Seeds)

Apex International is one of the prominent cultivators and exporters of Medicinal Herbs, Spices, Honey and Oils and is located in Rajasthan, India. We are ISO 22000: 2005, WHO-GMP ORGANIC & HALAL certified.

Rajasthan has a major ajwain seed cultivation industry. Thymol, an essential oil that gives the spice its distinctive flavor and scent, is present in it. The seeds taste slightly like oregano and are harsh and aromatic. Its scent is powerful. Additionally, it provides relief from other issues like a common cold, indigestion, heartburn, and toothaches.

We offer the best quality Ajwain/ Carom Seeds in bold and regular size seeds.

Product Details:

Product: Carom Seeds
Botanical Name: Trachyspermum ammi/ Carum Copticum
English Name: Carom Seeds
Common Name: Ajowan caraway, Oomam, Bishop's weed,
Plant Part: Seeds
Purity: 99.50%
Available in Packing: 25 /40/ 50 Kgs PP bags

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