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Prepare to discover an extraordinary natural ingredient that has captured the attention of health enthusiasts and researchers alike. we delve into the unique properties, benefits, and potential applications of this remarkable botanical extract which is Gymenma Sylvestre Extract.

Exploring Gymnema Sylvestre: Nature's Gift to Sugar Control.

Apex International is one of major Exporters of Gymnema Sylvestre Extract from India. We export more than 70 tons of Gymnema Extract annually to China, Europe, South East Asian Countries regularly and other parts of world.

These extracts are prepared from freshly harvested Gymnema leaves which are generally pesticide, chemical & ETO-free as per EU Norms also.

Product Details:

Product Name: Gymnema Extract

Botanical Name: Gymnema Sylvestre

Common Name: Gurmar, meshashringi, merasingi, Australian cow plant, chigeng teng, buti, kober,and periploca of the woods.

Plant Part: Rhizome

Other names: extrakt z gymnemy, екстракт от гимнема, ekstrakt gymnema, extrait de gymnéma, Gymnema-Extrakt, εκχύλισμα γυμναστικής estratto di gimnema, ekstrakt z gimnemy, extrato de gimnema, extract de gymnema, extracto de gimnema, экстракт гимнемы, 武靴葉提取物, gymnema uittreksel, مستخلص الجمنازيوم

Variants available:

  • Gymnema Extract 25% USP
  • Gymnema Extract 75% USP

Packing: 25 Kg Drums</b>

The Marvelous Gymnema Plant

Gymnema Sylvestre, a woody climbing plant native to the tropical regions of India, has been revered for centuries in traditional medicine systems. Its name, derived from the Hindi words "Gurmar," meaning " terminator of sugar," hints at one of its most intriguing properties.

Unraveling the Sugar-Blocking Effect

One of the most remarkable qualities of Gymnema extract lies in its ability to naturally curb sweet cravings. The active compounds in the extract, known as Gymnemic Acid, interact with the taste receptors on the tongue, diminishing the sensation of sweetness. Imagine the potential benefits for those looking to reduce sugar intake or manage blood sugar levels.

Supporting Blood Sugar Management

Modern science has begun to unveil the potential of Gymnema Extract as a valuable tool in supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Research suggests that the Gymnemic Acids may play a role in promoting insulin function and improving glucose utilization, making it an intriguing option for individuals interested in maintaining balanced blood sugar.

Beyond Blood Sugar – Exploring Additional Benefits

While its role in sugar metabolism is captivating, Gymnema sylvestre extract doesn't stop there. Emerging research points to its potential as a weight management aid and an ally in promoting overall digestive health. These additional benefits are turning the spotlight onto Gymnema Sylvestre extract as a holistic wellness supplement.

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