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We At Apex International are one of the largest exporters of Ashwagandha roots from India. We supply many variants of Aswagandha roots in respect of active ingredient, size and thickness. Our major buyers are extraction and Health supplements companies. Our province is the largest producer of Ashwagandha herb, and we purchase ashwagandha directly from reliable farmers. Thus, we are able to offer premium quality ashwagandha roots with competitive pricing.

Ashwagandha is the remedy for stress and it grows in Africa and Asia. If you are someone who is going through major Insomnia then use Ashwagandha roots for better results. You can easily release your stress and enhance the chances of good sleep. It was suggested as a home remedy at the time of COVID-19. When it comes to counting the benefits of Ashwagandha herb then there is no end. For example-

  • Improves body stamina
  • Provides vitality and vigor
  • Helps in building endurance
  • Helps in curing diseases like rheumatism, leprosy, arthritis, etc.
  • It is diuretic so, it helps in promoting urination
  • It also removes functional obstruction of body
  • Act as a narcotic

But it is possible when you select your ashwagandha roots suppliers wisely. Sometimes you trust the wrong ashwagandha roots manufacturers and then it harms you more than they benefit your health.

The Botanical name of Ashwagandha is Withania Somnifera and on the other end English name of the herb is Indian Ginseng. It is commonly known as Ashwagandha only.

Apex International is your one-stop solution where you cannot only get Ashwagandha roots but also get the herb in different forms like powder, leaves, TBC etc. Also, it is always reliable to trust an ashwagandha roots exporter that is working in the market for a long. This is the reason why Apex International is trusted by many pharmaceutical companies. With so many usage of Ashwagandha in medical industry, it has a huge demand in the market. The variant supplied by us-

Ashwagandha Root Whole, Tea Bag Cut & Powder

Ashwagandha extract 2.50% USP

Ashwagandha extract 5.00% USP

Ashwagandha extract by Gravimetry or HPLC

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