Neem Cake

We at Apex International are an ISO 22000: 2005, WHO-GMP certified company engaged in the Cultivation & processing of Medicinal Herbs and Neem cakes.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) seed kernel oil is extracted using an oil press to produce Neem Cake Powder. The neem seeds are chosen to eliminate contamination and de husked to leave only kernels before pressing. The neem "cake" left over from the oil press is dried and put through additional processing by being ground into a fine powder.

The plant receives all the nutrients it needs from neem cake powder, which also aids in pest management. Neem cake powder lasts longer and holds onto water to maintain healthy soil. Due to its advantages, many farmers and gardeners use it as a natural fertilizer.

Additionally, we provide NEEMCOM, a blend of NEEM CAKE and VERMICOMPOST MANURE. This product is particularly high in nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and other vital micronutrients, which are crucial for plant growth.

Our neem products have high content of Azadirachtin compound.

We can ship about 250 tons of Neem cake & NEEM COMP every month.
Packing: 25 kg bags

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