Green Millet

Apex is renowned for delivering top-tier green millets from India that are grown without the use of chemicals. Like wheat, rice or any other grain Bajra or Green millet also serves as a staple food in some parts of the world. India is known for cultivating the best quality green millet rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.


In India, it is used for making roti/breads, khichdi, porridges, etc. Its consumption is common during the winter season, as it provides warmth, generating heat within the human body to keep it warm during chilly months.

Product Details:

Botanical Name: Pennisetum glaucum
English Name: Pearl Millet
Common Name: Bajra, Green Millet, Milheto
Plant Part: Grain
Purity: 100%
Packing: 25/50 kg bags

Variety Available:

Food Grade- Green Millet for Human Consumption

Feed Grade- Green Millet for Animal Consumption

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