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Senna Leaf Extract

Senna extract is derived from the leaves and pods of the Senna plant (Cassia angustifolia or Cassia acutifolia), which has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for constipation. The active compounds in senna, known as sennosides, have a laxative effect that can provide relief from occasional constipation.

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Product Name: SENNA LEAVES

Senna leaves have different names across the global market, with a common botanical name “Cassia Angustifolia”. It comes from the family of “Caesalpinaceae” and is commonly known as Tinnevelly Senna, Sonamukhi, Sanai, and Sanay patti.

We at Apex International are one of the largest suppliers and exporters of Senna Leaves and Senna Products from India. We are shipping Senna to more than 42 countries in the world , we supply all variants of Senna and Senna products (Powder , Tbc , Extract ,Tea Bags ,Capsules & Tablets). We also customize the packing as per customer's requirement. We are successfully shipping Senna to USA and European countries which complies US-FDA and EU commission norms for Chemical & Physical Analysis , Assay ,Heavy Metals, Aflatoxins , PAH , TLC identification , Hydroxyanthracene Glycosides etc.

Also, Senna leaves have different names in different languages such as “Fan Xie Ye” in Chinese, “Sennesblätter Llieferant Indien” in German, and “Hojas del Senna Proveedor Indio” in Spanish.

Senna leaves extracted from the plant Senna alexandrina, provide a major relief from constipation. Also, being FDA approved OTC laxative, it has a major demand across the global market. Apex International is a leading senna leaves supplier, which has also been recognized by the Government of India. Senna leaves have great medical importance and act as a primary treatment before a colonoscopy.

At Apex, you can get:

  • Senna Pods
  • Senna Pods Powder 
  • Senna Leaves No. 2, 3 & 5
  • Senna Leaves Powder with senoside content upto 2.80%.
  • Seena Seeds and Stems 
  • Senna Tea Cut (Senna TBC) (All Mesh Sizes)
  • Senna Extract 10%-60% HPLC, USP & BP

We deliver 25 KGs bags as well as 50/80/100 KGs bales of the mentioned senna leave products globally.

We not only provide herbs in India but are also the leading and largest senna leaves exporters. We deal in medicinal herbs and are among the authentic and reliable senna leaves manufacturers, having relations with customers across the Middle East, North America, Eastern Europe, and Asia Pacific. With Apex, you can trust the product quality and the organic sennosides content. As we produce more than 2000 metric tons of senna annually at our farms under monitored conditions.

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