Yellow Mustard Seeds Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporter

From ancient times, we have heard of the richness and superior benefits of Yellow Mustard Seeds. Yellow Mustard Seeds have a Botanical Name Sinapis Alba, which consists of vital contents which is essential for good health like Omega-3 fatty acids, and Selenium. It is rich in contents like Magnesium, Zinc, Fiber, Iron, Protein, etc which are ideal for the body when consumed daily.

The Yellow Mustard Seeds are certified with ISO 22000: 2005, meet standard quality checks and are free from any gluten. Being the leading yellow mustard seeds exporter we distribute it in Poland, South America, Germany, and China. The Mustard yellow seeds grow in the low-mid range of temperatures for about 80 to 90 days then used in a variety of ways in meals to enhance their food taste. While cleaning the seeds from the machine we provided a 99% pure form of consists up to 40% natural oil. The plant seed is used in different forms like roasted or raw.

The Apex International is the prime source for yellow mustard seeds manufacturers to provide three forms of Yellow Mustard: Yellow Mustard bold, Yellow Mustard regular, and Yellow Mustard powder with superior quality packaging, and freshness- good for spices and pickles. We are the top yellow mustard seeds suppliers in the world to export these seeds, in an air-sealed container that is rich in taste, content, smell, and freshness, and can be used for a longer time. We supply Yellow Mustard Seed Powder 150 tons/month in packaging ranging from 15 to 50 kgs bags with customized labeling. Due to its versatile usage in health benefits, we suggest you buy Yellow Mustard Seeds from a leading herbal brand like Apex International. 

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