Watermelon Seeds Kernels

Apex International is a leading exporter of watermelon seeds and watermelon kernels from India. We process 3,000 tons of watermelon seeds annually. At our spacious 1500 square meter GMP standard factory, we handle the entire process, including DE-husking and sortex cleaning of the watermelon seeds under one roof.


Due to the nutty flavour and nutritional benefits, these are commonly used as snacks and are also used in cooking. Watermelon seeds are also pressed to extract oil for various industrial and cosmetic purposes due to their rich content of fatty acids.

Variety Available:

Watermelon Kernel (Regular Size up to 6 Mm)

Watermelon Kernel (Jumbo Size up to 8 Mm)

Product Details:

Botanical Name: Watermelon Seeds Kernel
Common Name: Magajtari, char magaj,
Purity: 100%
Packing: 25/50 Kgs PP or Jute Bags 10 Kgs Jute Bags 25 Kgs vacuum pack in Corrugated box 1 kg, 5 Kgs 10 kg, 25 Kg consumer Vacuum pack

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