Acorus Calamus Root

We provide high-quality dried rhizomes of the Sweet Flag plant, which are the main component of the medicinal drug calamus.

Uses of Acorus Calamus Root:

It helps in alleviating gas and sensations of stomach fullness, while also enhancing appetite. It's also a commonly used home remedy for bloating. It promotes release of bronchial secretions and is beneficial for asthma. The calamus is also used for improving digestion and it has a pungent but soothing smell.

We are one of the biggest exporters of Acorus Calamus from India. We export more than 500 tons of Acorus Calamus annually to China, Eastern Europe, and South East Asian Countries regularly.

We supply freshly harvested Acorus calamus which is generally pesticide, chemical & ETO  free as per EU Norms.

Product Details:

Product Name: Acorus Calamus
Botanical Name: Acorus Calamus
Common Name: Calamus Root, Sweet Flag, Buch, Vach
Plant part: Dried Rhizome
Available in Packing: 25 Kgs PP bags

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