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Product Name: Basil Seed

Basil Seeds are scientifically known as OCIMUM BASILICUM/TUKMARIA which is commonly known as Sabja Seeds in the market. Basil Seeds manufacturers produce it in two variants regular size and small bold size basil seeds. It has several health benefits, as a result, basil seeds are largely in demand amongst the Basil Seeds exporter. The seeds when consumed in the right amount help to regulate blood circulation in the body, prevents hair greying/maturing, and relieve stress. It could be used in a variety of meals, to improve good cholesterol in the body.

At Apex International, Basil seeds suppliers export basil seeds to majorly 12 countries including, the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Spain, and Vietnam. The Basil seeds are used for seasoning meals favoring effective health benefits when consumed in the right way. Due to its high nutritional value, you can use it as an immunity booster. It adds a unique flavor to the taste buds of every foodie.

Basil seeds packaging comes in 25 kg to 50 kg premium bags and small packs of 200-500 gms for easy consumption. At Apex International in two variants form; one is Bold Size basil seeds and the other is small or regular-size basil seeds. We serve basil seeds in bulk due to their higher demand and benefits. The seeds are harvested and freshly prepared in the month of October and November while taking every crucial measure to ensure their richness and quality. Try out the Basil Seeds originated at the grounds of a natural and herbal source, Apex International. 

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