Cassia Alata

Apex International provides high-quality Cassia Alata leaves, which are sourced from wildcrafted herbs found in Indian forests. Cassia alata Linn, which is also known as the Candle Bush, belongs to the Senna family and is primarily utilized for the treatment of skin diseases.

We offer high-quality green leaves available in both bag and bale packaging options.


Potent antifungal properties of Cassia alata, also called the "Ringworm Bush," make it highly effective against skin ringworm infections. Additionally, it serves as a natural laxative in several countries and finds applications as a purgative, vermicide, and expectorant, among other uses.

Product Details:

Product Name: Cassia Alata Leaves

Botanical Name: Cassia Alata / Senna Alata

Common Name: Candle Bush

Plant part: Leaves

Available in Packing: 25 kg bags

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