Mentha Arvensis

Mentha Arvensis is also known as mint leaves. Mint leaves have been used since ages in culinary, medicines, candies, fresheners, toothpastes and beverages.

Fresh or dried these leaves have a number of benefits and uses. It helps in soothing digestion disorders. It is preferred in most of the beverages may it be hot or cold. It helps treat respiratory problems, skin problems and dental problems. Due to its fresh aroma and cooling properties, it is used in ointment and toothpaste.

At Apex, we supply sun-dried mint leaves. Sun-dried mint leaves have a long shelf life thereby keeping rest of the properties of the leaves same. These leaves are used as an herbal spice in curries, soups, ice creams and with yoghurt. It is finely crushed and consumed raw with buttermilk.

Use of Mentha Arvensis:

It is used by many manufacturing industries as a base in many dental and oral care products, cosmetics products, flavouring bases etc. It is also used in making herbal tea and tea bags.

We are the leading supplier of Mentha Arvensis/Mint in India and we are regularly supplying to U.S.A., U.K, Japan, Indonesia etc. since the last 18 years.

The following forms are available with us:

  • Mentha Arvensis/Mint Leaves
  • Mentha Arvensis Leaves T-cut
  • Mentha Arvensis Leaves Powder
  • Mentha Arvensis Tea Bags

Product Details:

Product Name: Mint Leaves (Dried)
Botanical Name: Mentha
Common Name: Mentha Arvensis, Peppermint, Spearmint,
Plant part: Leaves
Available in Packing: 25/50 kg bags

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