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Product Name: MORINGA

Medicinal Herbs such as the Moringa (Botanical Name: “Moringa Oleifera”) deliver the best results when consumed in their natural form. It is also known as Horseradish, Drumstick tree, and Senjana.

Hence, at Apex International we ensure processing the Moringa leaves in a manner that its nutrients and vitamins are kept intact. We are the recognized moringa leaf power manufacturers and moringa leaves exporters. We provide 25kg and 50kg bags for bulk orders.

Moringa Leaves have many nutritional components including vitamins A, B, and C, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, and other components. Due to such a multi-nutritional element, it also has multiple health benefits. To list some of the benefits, it can be identified that it provides relief from bacterial infections, is effective in asthma, and diabetes, and also helps in controlling blood pressure. Being a leading Drumstick/moringa leaves suppliers in India, we also ensure drumstick leaves powder export to fulfill the global demand for such medicinal herbs.

At Apex International, you can get Moringa Leaves, seeds, leaves powder, seed oil, and capsules. Also, our product range includes moringa tea bags.

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