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Looking for a chemical-free and no-side-effect dietary supplement? Psyllium Husk (botanical name: Plantago Ovata) can be the best option that can you can take post-meal. It is commonly known as Isabgul or Sat-Isabgol. If taken in a recommended quantity/manner it can be identified to have no-or-minimal side effects.

Apex International is prominent psyllium husk exporter fulfilling both the regular as well as medicinal demands across the major marketplaces. We are a leading Suppliers of Psyllium seeds, husk, and powder to more than 42 countries of the world including Europe , USA and South Asian Countries.

We are into Psyllium husk Export business from more than 18 years.

Product Range at Apex International

• Psyllium Husk Whole 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 95%, 98%, 99%

• Psyllium Husk Powder 70% to 99% with Mesh Size 40 to 100

• Psyllium Husk Powder 99% - 80 & 100 mesh (specially for bakery industry)

• Super White Psyllium Husk

• 99.70% pure Psyllium Seeds

• Psyllium Kha Kha Power

• Flavored Psyllium Powder – Orange, Pineapple & Strawberry (With Effervescence)

We are supplying Psyllium to EU countries regularly, we are offering – ETO & Pesticides free psyllium husk and powder for Europe market.

We are successfully shipping Psyllium to USA and European countries which complies US-FDA and EU commission norms for Chemical & Physical Analysis, Swell Volume, Light extraneous matter, Heavy Metals, Aflatoxins, PAH Etc.

Also, we are US-FDA registered company and we are shipping to USA from last 18 years passing all quality requirements of USA and South American countries.

The different package sizes available at Apex International include 25kg Multiwall Paper Bags, 25kg fiber drums, and 1MT jumbo bag.

However, to ensure a better effect of psyllium husk, it must be sourced from reliable psyllium husk suppliers. Apex International is a leading psyllium husk manufacturers and ensures its processing and packaging as per Indian as well as global market.

Psyllium Husk exporter by Apex International is certified for its organic nature under different standards. Such standards are NOP-USA, EU organic, GMO & ETO free.

Certified organic grade psyllium Husk and Powder can be shipped, its availability is limited at present.

We can further provide you with detailed specifications of the product on request.

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